Our vertically integrated supply chain delivers seamless logistics solutions.
Ensuring agile and efficient responses to our customer’s evolving needs.

We have over 60 years’ experience packing and pre-packing fresh produce. Using state of the art machinery and sustainable materials, we work directly with customers to develop tailored pre-packing solutions for their unique needs.

Our new headquarters in Orchard Hills is the base for our pre-packing services, with several production stations delivering multiple pre-packing formats with the capability to innovate, develop and produce packaging formats across the spectrum of industry requirements.


The facilities at our Orchard Hills site is the centrepiece of our network of temperature and atmosphere controlled storage, ripening and distribution facilities ranging from Shepparton in Victoria to Dimbulah in Far North Queensland.
Within our Orchard Hills facilityies alone we have around 6,000 square metres of temperature controlled facilities that we use to cool-store and ripen fresh produce to our customer’s specifications.


Our site at Orchard Hills was developed as the key link in a network of warehouse facilities across our growing regions, to provide agile and efficient distribution for our customers evolving needs.

Ongoing investment in technology, machinery and packing solutions

We are continuously investing in new technology throughout our business, whether it’s new machinery, IT systems or upskilling our people. This enables us to continually deliver innovative fresh produce, services, and solutions for our partners and our clients.

In recent years we’ve invested heavily in sourcing and developing pre-packing materials that reduce the incidence of single usee plastic in fresh produce pre-packs.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of pre-pack formats that are 100% certified recyclable and sustainably manufactured in Australia.

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