The consistently high standard of our fresh produce is thanks to our experienced teams of growers on our farms and our unparalleled network of supply partners, located in the best growing regions across Australia, for each of our key categories.

Built on trust and a shared goal of excellence, these relationships have been cultivated over 60-years. The personal service and open channels of communication we offer to our growers means that we’re able to supply produce tailored to our customers’ exact needs.


We grow Australia’s most popular varieties including Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Royal Gala and new club varieties such as Kanzi.

SEASON: February-January


All our high quality varieties of pears are sourced from Plunkett Orchards, our key partner in Shepparton VIC.

SEASON: February-January


We supply a complete range of vegetable lines, including organic, for the domestic and international market.

SEASON: Year Round


We have unparalleled experience in NSW sourcing mangoes. Our Northern QLD and NT partners provide our Kensington Pride, R2E2 and Keitt varieties.

SEASON: September-April


As one of Australia’s largest vertically integrated stone fruit growers, we supply seasonal series of all traditional Stone Fruit products including peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums, as well as the exclusive new series of flat peaches and nectarines, Ondine™.

SEASON: October-March


With our network of growers across Australia, we have year round access to premium Sheppard and Hass varieties. Our brand, AvoCoast, is available exclusively at N&A.

SEASON: February-January


We grow and source a range of premium citrus from a diverse group of growers from North Queensland to the Riverina and Murray River districts.

SEASON: May-April

Organic Produce

We grow certified organic apples on our farm, Ardrossan Orchards, in Batlow. We also supply a complete range of certified organic fruit and vegetables through our division Organics Direct Produce.

SEASON: Year Round

Our Brands
We collaborate with breeders and growers worldwide to select and develop the best new fresh produce brands for Australian consumers
Ardrossan Orchards
Sunland Fresh Fruit
Plunkett Orchards
Top Pack
Snap Dragon
Sunrise Magic
New Variety Development for the Australian Market.

We were part of a group of growers that developed and introduced Kanzi Apples to the Australian market over ten years ago. Since then, Kanzi apples have become one of Australia’s favourite apple varieties and N&A Group’s variety management expertise has been instrumental in ensuring the brand’s ongoing success in Australia.

Following our successful involvement in the Kanzi programme, we’re developing two new apple varieties, Isaaq and Swing, that are exclusive to the N&A Group in Australia. With Isaaq and Swing plantings at our farm, Ardrossan Orchards, in Batlow and at our partner, Plunkett Orchards in Shepparton.

We’re also growing and marketing a range of US-bred apple varieties as part of our involvement in Fruit Australia. These exciting new varieties include Sunrise Magic, Snapdragon, and Ruby Frost apples.
We’re continuing to collaborate with breeders all over the world to research, select, and develop new fruit varieties for the Australian market. Some of our newest launches include Ondine™ flat peaches and nectarines, which we’re developing in partnership with WA Farm Direct.

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