Our Produce

The consistently high standard of our fresh produce is due to our unparalleled network of supply partners located in the best growing regions across Australia.

Built on trust and a shared goal of excellence, these relationships have been cultivated over 60-years. The personal service and open channels of communication we offer to our growers means that we’re able to supply produce tailored to our customers exact needs.


We grow and source Australia’s most popular varieties including Pink Lady, Granny Smith and new club varieties such as Kanzi.


All our high quality varieties of pears are sourced from Plunkett Orchards, our key partners in Shepparton VIC.


We supply a complete range of vegetable lines, including organic, for the domestic and international market.


We have unparalleled experience in NSW sourcing mangoes. Our Northern QLD and NT partners provide our R2E2, Kensington Pride and Keitt varieties.


Produced by growers in the Sydney basin and Cobram (VIC), we’re the exclusive suppliers of early season, locally grown Bombowlee Summerfruit.


With a network of growers across Australia and New Zealand, we have almost year round access to premium Sheppard and Hass varieties.


Throughout the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months, we supply a range of premium citrus from our growers in the Riverland district.

to learn more about our produce contact our friendly sales team.


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